Fluidics Nozzles

ITT Controls also supplies parts for gas turbine fuel products and products of Fluidics Nozzles.

There are incredibly many different components in the oil and gas industry and for every application there another part is needed. There are countless spray patterns. Asphalt or tar laying, bottle washing, coal and gravel washing, degreasing, washing, foam, industrial washers, metal cleaning rinsing and washing, spray coating, vehicle washing, water, cover, and water fountains.
If a nozzle is required which must be redesigned then ITT Controls as an advisory and supporting role to play. Also solutions for industries such as nuclear, offshore, water, steel, breweries, dairy, mining, aerospace and automotive, we do not shy away from. The product portfolio ranges from basic spray manifolds by wheel wash stations, dust suppression and odor control through facilities for the demanding automotive industry for treatment plant and critical damping systems.
ITT Controls gives optimal care to clients with the widest possible range of products and brands. ITT Controls wants to meet the demand for different components and alternatives in the oil and gas industry.
We deliver next fluidics Nozzles a complete program of quality products for the installation sector and oil and gas industry.
A selection of the products are actuators, industrial pumps, valves and valves, parts and accessories, measurement and control, analog and digital.
ITT Controls is a company with several divisions and is internationally active. We have an impressive list of relationships with some famous companies such as BP, DNW, Dow Chemicals, DSM, NLR, Shell, Texaco and Team Terminal.


ITT Controls also supplies products and components of the brand Intercal (Intercal Wärmetechnik). In the market of cheap heating and condensing systems, oil burners and gas burners, solar energy, low inside temperature techology, hybrid systems and heat pumps Intercal is one of the market leaders.

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Digitap Instruments

ITT Controls also supplies products and components from Digitap. In the petrochemical and process industry these products are widely used and indispensable for every / HVAC maintenance. The brand itself no longer exists but many products and parts are still available. ITT Controls can help if you need anything.

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Monarch Nozzles

ITT Controls delivers also products form Monarch nozzles. In the market of heating and condensing systems, solar energy, heat pumps and building management and nozzels Monarch is one of the market leaders.

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ITT Controls also supplies products and components of Dia-Flo in the petrochemical and process industries. These products are often used and the diaphragm valves are regarded as the workhorses and foundation of the total product range.

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White Rodgers Controls

ITT Controls delivers products and components of the brand White Rodgers (Wite Rodgers). White Rodgers is part of Emerson Climate Technologies. The company has been active for over 75 years. White Rodgers developed in the 1930's a new type of temperature control system for cooling and applications on the basics of the principles of hydraulics.

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